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Welcome to Bushwacker Paintball Games!

As we return to our "new normal" we can relax a little but not relax the vigilance we all need to maintain to protect our community and loved ones from the threat of Covid-19. A resurgence would be an unacceptable set back to British Columbia. 

Paintball is the ultimate sporting activity for practicing social distancing because there is no sharing equipment (like a ball), it is contact-free, and the game is played at distances much greater than the recommended 2 meters required for social distancing. 

We take your health and safety seriously. To ensure your time at our field is safe and fun, please note the following. 

- Our staff has been directed to not come to work if feeling unwell. As well, high risk staff will not be scheduled to work. 

- If you feel unwell, have a cough or a fever, for the health and safety of our staff and customers, we ask that you do not visit our field. 

- If you have recently travelled from outside the province and have not self-isolated for 14 days, please do not visit our field. 

-Waivers - we have a stack of waivers at the field with sanitized pens that will only be used once then put into a bucket to be resanitized. Or you can go to our webpage and print off a waiver at home , sign and bring with you to the field.

- We have spaced out our staging area and added barriers so each person can socially distance while setting up. (people who live in the same household can set up together). If you choose to wear a fabric or paper mask thats great! We suggest you do anytime you can not keep the 2 meter distance required to socially distance. We have a selection of cool fabric masks for sale at the shack. 

- All rental equipment has been cleaned and disenfected prior to your arrival at our field and only used by 1 customer per day. Your rental mask is your safety device, please keep it on at all times while on the playing field. 

- New masks are available for purchase, if you play more than once a season its a great investment. Please ask staff for details.

- Please do not share your rental equipment. Please do not pick up or handle someone elses equipment. Each mask and marker has a number on it, if your mask is #1 your marker is also #1. Only touch your equipment! If you think someone has touched your rental equipment please ask a staff member to sanitize it for you. 

- We have set up hand washing station as well as we have hand sanitizer at the shack. We encourage you to wash your hands, sanitize often and, and sneeze or cough into your elbow as per Health Canadas guidelines.

- Gun owners may stage from their cars in our parking lot if they wish.

- No smoking or vaping allowed at the field. No exceptions.

We will have our normal booking days (Monday thru Saturday) with smaller group sizes and Sunday Gun owner days also with smaller player limits so that we can socially distance effectively. If you need to book a spot, call or email us!

We welcome your feedback. Please let us know how we are doing, and if we can do more! 

Be kind, Be calm and Stay Safe! #playpaintball









































































































































































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