News and Events

March 6, 2018
Soon please!

February 1, 2018
50% off Membership Starts today! From Feb. 1- 14 our membership prices are slashed 50% off! Regular $100 plus tax on sale for $50 plus tax. What Does our membership get you?? A snazzy membership card , $5 field and air fees , discounts on paint , 10% off instock items in the field store, And 50% off a rental for a friend . Send us a message, email or call us to arrange yours. We will also be selling them in person this Sunday at the field.

January 13, 2018
New ad coming out soon.

January 13, 2018
Winter ball again! If the weather is good we will have a Feb Winterball! Gunowners ONLY - no rentals at winterball. $5 field and air Deals on paint. membership sale will also be on so come out and play and grab your membership for the season!

January 11, 2018
2018 Operation Overlord

January 1, 2018
Happy New Year from all of us at Bushwackers! We have some new bunkers in the works for 2018, 3 Scenario events and don’t forget Speedball will have a practice every month and the IPL.

December 23, 2017
Merry Christmas from all of us at Bushwacker Paintball Games!

December 19, 2017
INVITE YOUR FRIENDS - It’s time for some Winterball! Gun owners only event and no co2. $5 field and air plus discounts on paint. Tacos in a bag will be available also!

November 4, 2017

November 4, 2017
Due to the early snow - we are now closed for the season !

October 31, 2017
Our webpage is down, hoping to have it back up soon. This saturday nov 4 is private booking day, and Sunday depending on weather we will open at 11am. We will keep you posted here.

October 28, 2017
Today is a private booking only day, but tomorrow is Drop-in day from 11-4. Depending on weather it could be our last one, come out and get in on the fun.

October 17, 2017
Wind storm at the field and USA 🇺🇸 is down

October 10, 2017
This weekend is the beginning of our fall hours. Saturday we are open for bookings ONLY and are almost full, we have 1 left from 2-4 pm (low impact or 68 cal paintball) Sunday is drop in day for 68 cal only from 11-4 pm. The following weekend we are open Friday Oct 20 for pro d day for bookings only (no drop in) and again we are almost full that day (2-4 pm opening). Open Saturday October 21 for 68 cal paintball and CLOSED Sunday October 22nd. October 28 is a private booking day and Sunday October 29th is drop in 68 cal only. After those 3 weekends it all depends on the weather.

October 7, 2017
Concession tomorrow ! Hotdogs $2 Tacos in a bag $4 Gatorade $2 Pop $1 Water $1 Chocolate bars $1.50 Homemade chocolate orange cookies $1 each

October 7, 2017
Black Hawk Down prizes! Pick a pod , prize inside ! 3 main prizes , mask , loader and pod pack ! Ticket holder must be present to win !

October 7, 2017
We are open today for drop in paintball, tomorrow is our Black Hawk Down scenario, tickets are sold out but you can still drop in for the day and be put on a team! Monday we are closed for a Thanksgiving.

September 23, 2017
Black hawk down 1 day scenario Is October 8 - only 5 tickets left ! Get yours - stop by the field today or tomorrow if you want to nab one of these .

September 9, 2017
Only 15 tickets left to black hawk down ! $15 each get yours before we sell out ! Event is Oct 8 !

September 9, 2017
It's raining ! Come out and enjoy the cooler weather and play some paintball ! And hotdogs! 🌭🌭🌭

August 27, 2017
We moved a couple things to open up the field of play a bit ... can you spot what's missing or moved ?!?

August 19, 2017
DATE CHANGED TO OCTOBER 8 - 36 tickets left for Black Hawk Down Oct 8 - $15 get yours before they are gone !

August 19, 2017
Open today from 11-4 ! Come out and join in the paint wars !

August 13, 2017
We are open today ! Speedball on the lower field and woods ball on the top ! Come out and enjoy the cooler temp and light rain !

August 6, 2017
Open today ! We have a little bit of smoke but are only at a 2 on the index ! Come out and shoot some paint !